1. How long has Icehouse Bloo been operating for? More than 20 years. We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
  2. Which industries does Icehouse Bloo service? We service fabric importers and wholesalers, trimming importers, wallpaper merchants, flooring specialists and other industries.
  3. How much do textile samples cost? Every job is different due to our large range of options. We will provide you with a detailed quote or estimate on the work required within 3 working days. We can also provide quantities of fabric or materials required for your job when we finalise your quote or estimate, if requested.
  4. Is there a minimum or maximum order? There is no limit or set minimum for your order. We individually price each job, on an individual basis. If you need to compare prices, we can supply you with a quote or estimate on different quantities for your job.
  5. How Can I Get a Quote? Please phone or email us to arrange a detailed quote. Once we have received your quote we will aim to complete your quote with you within 3 working days. Please bear in mind that if for some reason it may take a little bit longer, we will contact you to keep you informed.
  6. How Long Does a Job Take to Be Completed? We strive to maintain an average of 3-4 weeks completion upon receipt of all fabrics and products required into our factory. We are able to keep you updated on your job progress at any given time.
  7. What If I’m on a Tight Deadline? One of the advantages of dealing with a local manufacturer is that we can provide a timely service. If you have a deadline on your product we will work to the best of our ability to get this finished for you by the time required. If for any reason we feel that your deadline needs to be extended, we will ensure that we keep you well informed.